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Be the calm presence in the midst of constant change and concern

Tuesday 24, Mar 2020


I make contact with you with a deep sense of concern for the Spiritual Care community across Australia. There is much that is bitter and sweet.

First and foremost, please look after yourselves and your families. We can only care for others when we are healthy in body, mind and spirit.

As I write this, I know with absolute certainty that this is the time when Spiritual Care can shine. It is in the tragedy and challenges of life that we walk alongside those who have been entrusted into our care. People are anxious, please offer them the best of your listening skills. Be the calm non-anxious presence in the midst of constant change and concern. You are trained to do this.  

Be creative in your work. Many are already sharing resources to be used for encouragement, those in isolation and to negate the negativity and fear that is rampant in our organisations. Look online and ask colleagues for ideas. We can be the positive difference in how people view and navigate their thoughts and emotions during this crisis. 

Should you have encouraging inclusive resources (ideas/printouts/visuals) for workplaces, that you are willing to share with other members, please email to We can act as a clearing house utilising our online presence in the members area on the SCA website.

Reach out to each other, as this has the potential to be a long slow resolve. Potentially, many will become weary and spend extra hours at work. A phone call, an email, an ecard or other thoughtful gestures will make a difference. Care for one other. Let us take the time in the chaos, to build the Spiritual Care Australia community for the future - that walks the walk and talks the talk, by caring for one another. 

For decades our lives have become more complicated and busy. Already, we are hearing stories from around the globe of people re-evaluating their values and priorities in life. Comments include those who have found the simple joys of life – contemplation, reading, games, conversations and time together with friends and family, enriching their lives. Our world may never be quite the same – some bitter, some sweet.

At the end of this pandemic, I anticipate that there will be a deeper level of respect for Spiritual Carers - the calm, encouraging, ever present and supportive people who have quietly and respectfully supported individuals and organisations through this crisis. You are a valued part of Spiritual Care in Australia.
I thank you in advance for all you will do, for who you are and for all that we can achieve together. I am privileged and humbled to be the President of Spiritual Care Australia and look forward to once again being able to gather and enjoy the luxury of being able to share peace, freedom and security.

In peace and gratitude,

Dianna Muir
SCA President