Spiritual Care Practitioners Professional Development Program - Whole year registration (SCA/SHA/ANZACPE)

Start Date
10 March 2021
End Date
10 November 2021
Start Time
1:30 ADST
End Time
3.30 ADST

A varied selection of topics relating to Spiritual Care over 8 sessions throughout the year.

This registration is for the whole year, with individual, small, medium or large team options.

2nd Wednesday of each month, with a mid year break.
1.30-3.30pm ADST

Annual Program Registration Tickets
Individual $180    
Individual - SCA / SHA Members $150 
SMALL team (up to 5 people) $350
MEDIUM team (6-10 people) $525
LARGE team (>11 people) $700 

For team bookings:

* When registering, please select Single Registration for the Team Tickets 
* Gathering in groups in person preferred and recommended where possible.
* Individual attendance certificates are not available. At request, a template can be provided for the team contact to update for team members.

For general program enquires, please contact communications@spiritualhealth.org.au or admin@spiritualcareaustralia.org.au
For registration enquires, please contact admin@spiritualcareaustralia.org.au


Supporting Recovery from Grief in Community Crises.
Robert Gordon
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CORE: Progress notes and data collection in Electronic Medical Records: an overview of current offerings including the US
Christine Hennequin


CORE: Review & update on the research outputs of the SHA International Project
Cheryl Holmes


How the ancients understood mental illness, the body-soul relationship and spiritual care
Rachel Garofalo


Mid – Year break


The Mandala project and Art Therapies: http://www.cocooncreativeartstherapies.com.au  
Michelle Morgan


CORE: Capability Framework – practicum
Cheryl Holmes


CORE: Guidelines on Quality SC & Practice in action – Assessment and Screening
Christine Hennequin


Shadow aspects of spiritual care. Are we doing good things for the wrong reasons? Self-reflection and investigating our motivations and desires
Peter Bentley (confirmed)
Hojun Futen (TBC)
Mary Klassen (TBC)