From Wounded Healer to Ruptured Culture: Caring for Ourselves and Others in the COVID-19 Era.

30 December 2020
Zoom video recording available any time

A webinar recording from SCA's recent sold-out webinar featuring the helpful and thought-provoking Dr. George Halasz is now available to purchase via Vimeo for $20.

This webinar was a rich experience that gave attendees a chance to explore resources within and without that offer reparative moments to ourselves and those with whom we work.

View the webinar via Vimeo here

The presentation slides are available to download here.

A poem about the non-negotiability of safe-care and safety by Dr. Halasz is also available to read here


A few notes for the webinar: 

This is our first ever recorded webinar so we hope you can overlook a few little glitches.  
We begin with acknowledgments and housekeeping. If you want to skip right to Dr. Halasz’s presentation, it begins about seven minutes from the beginning.
The video ends at the point where Dr Halasz leaves us and does not include the informal Q&A afterwards.

We hope you enjoy it.