2019 Spiritual Care Australia National Conference




Spiritual Care Australia 2019

Setting the GPS: Finding your way in spiritual care

You are invited to attend the 2019 Spiritual Care Australia National Conference in Melbourne, 16-19 June 2019.

Our theme encourages us to set our own and our organisation's spiritual navigation systems to provide best quality spiritual care.

The conference will be looking particularly at the perspective of the client / consumer / patient and where spiritual care fits in the world of client-centred care.

In a rapidly changing world, we as spiritual carers must be ever more attentive to questions like:

  • If our destination is excellence, what steps will get us there?
  • What principles guide us on the way?
  • Who are our travelling companions and how do we share the journey?
  • When we find ourselves in unmapped territory, how do we manage our fears and expectations?
As we continue our journey into the spiritual care profession of the future what will help us set the GPS with most confidence?

This year's conference will offer keynote speakers, workshops and seminars, and plenty of opportunity to share with colleagues and friends old and new from around the country.

Anyone engaging in spiritual care is welcome to attend - whether you work in aged care, community care, congregational care, crisis / emergency, defence, education, general health care, mental health, prisons, sports, or any sector.

We expect all presentations will help us focus on these streams:
  • Research and quality improvement
  • Consumer engagement and experience
  • Self-care
  • Models of spiritual care, including innovation, and
  • Ethics in spiritual care, including in research and in end-of-life care

For further information and updates visit: scaconference.org.au

16/06/2019 - 19/06/2019
Catholic Leadership Centre Melbourne

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