Paul Hammat - President

Paul has extensive experience in Pastoral and Spiritual Care practice and management and counselling practice. He is currently Coordinator of Pastoral and Spiritual Care at The Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne. Paul is a foundation member of the Spiritual Care Australia Board.

Lindsay Dewberry - Vice President & Company Secretary

Lindsay Dewberry is a CPA and has a strong background in financial management and governance. He has been involved informally in pastoral care all his life within the church context and completed a number of units in pastoral care within a Graduate Diploma of Theology. As well as being on the SCA Board, he is a member of its Compliance Sub Committee and would like to undertake a CPE program and move into chaplaincy within the hospital system.

Nalissa Maberly – SCA Executive Officer

Nalissa comes to SCA as an experienced spiritual care practitioner in workplace and clinical settings. Her background in communication and business have been used both locally and abroad. She loves to curate and innovate - relationships, ideas and best practise. Nalissa joined SCA as EO June 2017.

Elias Kambouropoulos – Treasurer

Elias has extensive experience in finance, management, strategic planning, and company secretarial and project management in particular construction of new buildings.
He has over 40 years’ experience in various work contexts including commercial and not-for-profit organisations.

Peter Oliver

Peter brings a variety of experiences and competencies to the Spiritual Care Australia Board, including Psychology, Professional supervision, CPE supervision and ministry practice. Peter joined the Spiritual Care Australia Board in early 2012.

Dianna Muir

Dianna is currently ministering at Brighton Uniting Church, South Australia. She is an ordained Uniting Church minister. Dianna has served as Chaplain at Fortescue Metals Group – Pilbara, Western Australia and as Senior Chaplain to the South Australia Police. She has a practical and creative approach in regards to the ongoing development and promotion of Chaplaincy within the church and in secular settings.

Eric Cave

Eric was appointed to the Board of SCA in 2014. He lives in Hobart and is an accredited Clinical Pastoral Educator and Centre Director of the Tasmania CPE Centre. Prior to this he was the Anglican Senior Chaplain and coordinator of chaplains at the Royal Hobart Hospital. He has been a foundation member of SCA and prior to that, a member of AHWCA since 1987. Eric is an SCA Life Member.

James Cox

James, an Ordained Baptist Minister, has worked in church ministry and community development, before his current role as a Defence Chaplain with Air Force. He has worked all over Australia including over a decade in the Northern Territory. James joined the Board May 2017.

Reverend Peter Devenish-Meares KHS FFin

Peter is a chaplain, ethicist and board member. He is State Chaplain of Mission Australia (Qld). Peter also works in Army and police chaplaincy and supports veteran organisations. He has sat on or chaired various boards and statutory authorities (in health, community care, education, finance and housing). Peter researches and teaches in pastoral care, human resilience, ethics, leadership and organisational.

Kate Eve - on leave

Kate has a keen interest in best practice spiritual care and counselling, and is passionate about keeping social justice front and centre in all facets of her work. Recognised for strong leadership skills, strategic planning and service development, Kate currently serves as Eastern Health Manager Spiritual Care in Victoria. Kate has been a member of the Board since early 2012.