Australian Capital Territory

Branch President: Kathryn Clark 

Spiritual Care Australia, ACT Branch was established at the inauguration of the SCA organisation, with membership transferring from the existing AIHW Chaplains Association.

The ACT Branch has a robust education program focussing on a balance of professional development, spiritual development, personal development and self-care. The annual program is an afternoon education session, 4.15 – 6 pm, on the second Thursday in February through June, September and November. Other activities include a day retreat on a Saturday in August, and a day seminar, including a rededication ceremony, on the Thursday of International Pastoral Care Week in October.


Branch President: Tanya Richards

In the Sunshine state, SCA Queensland Branch provides opportunities to develop spiritual care skills for our members and other practitioners. Queensland is a geographically a large state, a quarterly newsletter helps our members to stay connected. 

We continue to promote professional development for our members, also raising awareness of the professional standards of spiritual care within our working environments.

In 2017 SCA Queensland hosted the National Conference on the Gold Coast. The event welcomed over 300 practitioners from all States, Territories and overseas.


Branch President: Brad Taylor

In July 2010 Spiritual Care Australia (SCA) evolved from the ecumenical (Christian) Australian Health and Welfare Chaplains' Association (AHWCA) as the new multi-faith professional association for those working in chaplaincy, pastoral and spiritual care.  The Tasmanian branch has been among the most dynamic holding the much acclaimed final AHWCA National Conference "Living Water" in 2009 as well as the successful 2015 SCA National Conference "The Ground of Our Being: Hertiage–Identity-Connectedness".

Tasmania‘s geography separates us from the ‘mainland’ and encourages a uniqueness with its own challenges and opportunities.  There are subtle differences from mainland experience and culture.  Our more regionalised pattern of population, means we often work in somewhat more isolated settings making the support offered by colleagues all the more necessary and attractive. 

Across Tasmania we regularly hold professional development (PD) sessions, social gatherings, and days devoted to personal, spiritual and professional development.  We work to promote the provision of quality spiritual care in health, aged care and community services, as well as many other settings where spiritual care has a place.  We warmly welcome new members and encourage anyone interested to make contact with a member of the Branch.

Hunter Valley Region

Branch President: Anthony Hassett

The SCA Hunter Branch has met since functioning since 2010. This welcoming, supportive and enthusiastic group are committed to the professional development of spiritual care practitioners. Quarterly meetings are held at the Calvary Mater Newcastle, run for 2.5 hours. The meetings provide professional development with a guest speaker and peer supervision. Pastoral Care Week is celebrated in October.

Members come from a variety of religious and spiritual backgrounds and work in diverse aged-care, acute hospital, NGO and religious community settings. The Branch has strong connections with the Hunter Centre for Clinical Pastoral Education, providing a professional network and educational opportunities to recent graduates.

The Hunter Branch successfully hosted the SCA National Conference 6 – 9 May 2018 in Newcastle. For more information please see here.

South Australia

Branch President: Cieran Stapleton

SCA South Australia Branch has been providing training for spiritual care practitioners since 2010.  The branch offers professional development for members and other spiritual care practitioners.

Some of the questions our committee wrestles with are:

  • producing widely-appealing, excellent professional development days
  • growing the membership of SCA in our state
  • finding ways to encourage organisations to work with the Standards of Practice of SCA in their enterprises


Branch President: Luke Bowen

The Victorian branch of SCA enjoys a diverse membership – people of various religious traditions working in health, aged care, welfare, prisons and emergency services.  We offer our members a range of educational experiences, as well as opportunities for fellowship and spiritual growth. 

Our primary educational effort is a joint program with Spiritual Health Victoria, the peak body In Victoria enabling the provision of quality spiritual care in all health service settings.  This continuing education program is run most months of the year and offers both didactic sessions and the opportunity for peer group supervision, as well as ritual, networking and fellowship. We also offer one or two twilight sessions each year, open to all SCA members and friends.

Western Australia

Branch President: Bernadette Brady

SCA Western Australia branch’s major focus has been the organising bimonthly professional development programs. Our focus is on providing quality education for our members and other spiritual care practitioners.  We also work with other organisations to present Sometimes we work joint sessions.

In addition, we advocate and promote the use of SCA National Standards of Practice.